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July 30, 2018


This year Bryson and I were lucky enough to bring the kids to Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios. This fulfilled mine and Bryson’s dream of going to Harry Potter World too and it was freaking amazing. We got lots of beach time, rode ALL the rides (and barely waited in line) and had such a good time as a family. The kids were the perfect ages to go and it was even more magical going with the kids and seeing them be so happy then what I remember when I was a kid.

Foster and Lo got to be in a Jedi performance but of course they were as far away from each other as could be so we could barely see Lo. They got to fight Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. Foster went on his first big ride (splash mountain) twice and then decided it maybe wasn’t for him. We all loved Space Mountain though! We had no idea what the Mummy Returns ride was and Lo was absolutely mortified (mom fail) and she was sure to let everyone know. We also got to go on the Jurassic Park ride right before it was closed to be turned into a Jurassic World ride.

Not many things compared to Harry Potter world though. We had lots of frozen butterbeers, tried all the sweets, the kids got interactive wands that they used around and it was super magical.

The only thing I was a little disappointed in was it was SO hard to get the characters autographs! You almost would have to plan a trip completely around that. We were going to bring Lo to the Bippity Boppity Boutique but she thought she looked like a princess after I got her ready and decided to get a toy instead.

It was so hot and I’m SO glad we stopped at walgreens on the way and picked up fan/spray bottles for each of the kids and brought extra clothes so they could get out of their costumes. They were so hot within only a couple of hours. They also loved bringing lanyards and getting free pins/trading pins. I can’t wait to go back when the kids are even older and want to go on all of the “big” roller coasters!

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