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October 11, 2016

Punk’in Patch: Part I

Today Riv and I went with Foster and his class to the pumpkin patch! We love making the short drive every year to pick out a pumpkin, try and find our way through the corn-maze and dive into the corn pit.

Even though that’s apparently “off limits”

For some reason, it’s so hard for us to find a time when Bryson is off shift, we have Lo and no one has school to be able to make the trip together. Seriously, every year it’s a scramble to get us all to the pumpkin patch. I’m hoping we can go next weekend as a family.

Foster was really into it this year, he loved every bit of it. When we were waiting for everyone to get there to go in he kept inching closer and closer to the entrance. He loved picking out his perfect little pumpkin and when it was time to go to the corn maze and train he did NOT want to put his pumpkin in the pile with the others to leave it and pick it up later. That is, until he saw we were heading to the train then he ditched his pumpkin quick. 

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September 10, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest Things

On todays episode of kids say the darnedest things….

Ok, just kidding, I can’t promise that this will be a weekly thing but I can promise that it will be sporadic, hilarious and cringe-worthy.

Let me set the scene for you.

We’re at Natural Grocers and we’re checking out with the two sweetest and most talkative checker and bagger. I mention I am going to use my friends phone number because she has a discount and she moved away.

No problem. Foster says, “My friend moved too”. Also, note he has the sweetest baby voice still, really enunciates and skips words.

He’s also become a compulsive liar lately.

Do we blame the horrendous threes? Jury is still out on that one.

Anywho, the cashier, being so sweet, says, “Awe, it’s so sad when friends leave isn’t it?”

And this is when it happens. Read more

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September 8, 2016

Foster’s 1st Day of Pre-k

Foster’s started pre-k Monday!

Is a three year old class actually pre-k? Or is that only when they turn 4?


He started pre-k and is sooooo excited! He already made friends (and unlike his sister, actually remembered their names and told us haha) He loves Mrs Pam and Mrs Jessica already and was not the least bit nervous. Lo has been hyping him up for Mrs Pam’s Preschool for months. They’ve been practicing school and when we pulled up he threw on his backpack, grabbed Mrs. Pam’s present and said, “Bye mom!” and walked right up to the door.

The best part was is he took a two hour nap afterwards.  Read more

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September 1, 2016

Introducing: Kensington

If you’ve been on instagram then you’ve definitely seen the newest member of our family, Kensi. I have shared more pics of her in the last week than I have of my kids.

Bryson has been wanting a french bulldog since we met and when we finally saw some in town I decided to get her for his birthday and our anniversary, both which are this month. So it worked our perfectly.

But instead of being Bryson’s pupper, her and Foster have been inseparable. They sleep together (literally intertwined or spooning), they play together, they eat together, they watch movies together…….literally everything. He gets so mad when we have to leave the house and we don’t bring her.

There are a couple members of the family who aren’t too fond of the newest addition…..that would be our other three girls, Lunchbox, Kali and Emily. They avoid her, hide in a corner from her and, if you’re Lunchbox, then she is also ignoring everyone else in the house. Read more

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August 28, 2016

San Juan Brewfest 2016!

Bring on the pretzel necklaces it is brewfestin’ time of year! I feel like this is obvious thing that I don’t even need to say, but Bryson and I are obsessed with live music and beer. Honestly, put the two together and we. are. there. So there was no doubt in our mind that we were making our annual trip to Durango’s 18th Annual San Juan Brewfest. There were 54 craft brewers and 3 live bands and loads of great company. My very favorites were the blueberry wheat from Durango Brewing Co. and this uber delicious blueberry vodka lemonade from Durango Craft Spirits….I obviously like the fruitier drinks, no IPA’s here! The boys had those under control. And I love that both my favorites were right there in Durango!  Read more

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August 18, 2016

Lo Started 1st Grade!

Lo is a first grader! According to her she is no longer with the “babies” and is now basically a middle schooler. She was nervous to get a new teacher and see new friends but we got there early enough to bring up supplies and for me to hang around as long as she needed. She adored her teacher last year (so did I) and was nervous for the new teachers. She knew one and loved her already and we couldn’t ask for better teachers so I knew all would be well. She had asked me not to leave, even once she was settled in with friends, so I hung around and talked to other moms while they did their morning routine/announcements and afterwards I went to tell her I was going to head out and she said, “What are you still doing here?”.

Well there you go.

If I would’ve known I didn’t have to listen to announcements I would’ve bounced out early and got a coffee before heading home to the zoo I call home. 😉

Every year once the school year has begun and she’s had a couple of days to settle in we sit down and go over a few questions and I love seeing her answers change. This year her answers were much more grown up and she thought threw them. I swear she is going to be a politician one day because of the way she answers her questions. A little vague, very including and well thought out to not hurt anyones feelings.

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August 11, 2016

Foster’s 3rd Birthday Party

Foster’s 3rd birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he has been waiting so patiently (kind of) for his birthday party! This is the first year he was really interested and understood that this day was for him. He’s been waiting for his day, and asking every single day if it was his “birday”, ever since River’s birthday party two months ago. He wanted a dinosaur party so I just ordered a couple of dinosaurs on amazon to put around and that he could keep afterwards and a pack of small dinosaurs that we buried in the sandbox and the kids dig out and whatever they found they were able to keep as party favors. That’s it! Super simple birthday party and everyone still had a blast. The kids kept themselves occupied jumping on the trampoline and swinging while the parents and grandparents were able to sit and eat alone for a change. The dogs got lots of love, which they loved, and Foster had so many friends that were able to come! Read more

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August 2, 2016


This weekend my Aunt Canyon and her daughter Sabyl came into town and we were able to get together and let the kids play in the water and get some vitamin D! (as well as get some energy out 😉 ) It was an unfortunate reason to make the trip (her mom was having some problems but all turned out ok!) but we were happy to see them. Sabyl is only 3 weeks younger than River so it’s fun when they get together to see how they interact differently each time. This time they played together really well! Sabyl wasn’t too interested in the cold water and would much rather draw on the sidewalk with chalk but ALL the kids were into the watermelon! They gobbled it up! Read more

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August 1, 2016


Have you ever found your niche? The thing that makes your heart be at peace and you feel perfectly content?

That’s how I feel on and in the water. Just total peace. I can spend hours at the lake, in a pool, at the beach, on the river. It doesn’t matter what water it is, I feel at home. I struggle in the winter with not being able to get out and spend the day in the water. I can’t wait until the day where I can walk to the beach every day. To just wake up and head straight down to the water, listening to the waves, smelling the saltwater and feeling the sand beneath my toes. All while drinking fresh coconut milk. Seriously, doesn’t that sound perfect? The kids are little fish as well, yesterday Bryson and I told them we were going to go to the pool (we meant later in the day) and within two minutes they were dressed in bathing suits and ready to head out the door. Read more

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July 31, 2016

Fourth of July 2016

I’m just going to preface this post by saying, as with any holiday or trip, there’s going to be an overload of pictures. Not all posts will be this overwhelming in the picture department but dang! we had fun! I wanted to wait for this post until my new blog was ready, hence the reason we are a little late in the month sharing haha

Some friends invited us to go to Ouray, CO and we had an absolutely phenomenal time. There were so many kids there so the kids were occupied the entire time. We went to parades, saw gorgeous fireworks that lit up the entire mountain, went on a short hike to a waterfall and had more s’mores than I can count! I can’t wait to make this an annual trip with great friends. Read more