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August 2, 2016


This weekend my Aunt Canyon and her daughter Sabyl came into town and we were able to get together and let the kids play in the water and get some vitamin D! (as well as get some energy out 😉 ) It was an unfortunate reason to make the trip (her mom was having some problems but all turned out ok!) but we were happy to see them. Sabyl is only 3 weeks younger than River so it’s fun when they get together to see how they interact differently each time. This time they played together really well! Sabyl wasn’t too interested in the cold water and would much rather draw on the sidewalk with chalk but ALL the kids were into the watermelon! They gobbled it up!

River kept hitting himself in the face with water while he was trying to spray everyone. He thought it was the funniest thing! They filled up their buckets with water and tried to splash each other or they dumped it on the slide to cool it down before they went down it. I love that the kids will play so hard and for so long outside. Sometimes with all three kids it’s easy to start to feel cooped up and everyone starts arguing and getting on each others nerves. Getting outside and releasing some endorphins does the body (and the household) a whole lotta good!

Quick little vlog at the bottom of the post <3

We can’t wait to see our cousin again!


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