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July 19, 2018

Desolation Canyon

This is past week 13 of us loaded up on rafts and made an 85 mile river trip down Desolation Canyon.

Not going to lie, it was definitely a little ambitious for the kids first overnight(s) river trip. That, along with selling out house and moving, had poor River stressed to the max every. single. time it was time to load up the campsite and move it. He’s been struggling with us selling our house and being in this limbo position while we renovate the new house. (But that’s for another day)

The day we stayed two nights on a sandy beach was all of our favorites. Bryson made a kick ass fort for the kids (along with a “deck” for our tent. My dad flipped over one of our rafts and made a slide into the river for all of the kids and we all had a nice relaxing day…


…until the second day when all of the kids, my younger siblings and I decided to go on a hike to see a little kiln or oven that Bryson and I had seen early and all in one small, easy hike Lo stepped on a wasp and we were one tiny creek away from a bear.👌🏽

My favorite campsite was definitely where we stayed the first night  the view was absolutely incredible. It made work lugging all of our gear up a steep hill worth it. I was amazed at how much white beach sand there was everywhere! It was great for the kids and helped not get *so* dirty. There was a fire ban as well so no s’mores, but also no gross campfire smell (yes, I said it).


All in all it it was a fun trip with some absolutely amazing views and fun rapids but we are happy to be home and renovating our new house!


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