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June 4, 2018

Face Routine


So a little different from my normal posts, I recently changed my skin care up and have been loving how my skin is looking! And it’s so soft!

After coming back from India my skin started to break out again, so I’ve been trying to be consistent morning and night and my skin cleared up in no time at all and my scars are a lot less prominent than normal. 

Morning and night routine are pretty similar, the only difference is I swap out my moisturizer for a night cream and mask at night.

I have dry to normal skin with a little oiliness in my T-zone.

Also, obviously not a dermatologist but I like to share when I finally seem to figure out things that have been not working previously.

My skin was awful when I left for India and when I was there it was almost instantly cleared up, flash forward a month to coming home and the day I landed it was so dry and I broke out again immediately.

I’ll try and be as clear as I can in between each picture and link to each product. Some are online, some are Sephora and some are from Ulta.

I wash my face, neck and chest with all of the same products.

My kids also wash their faces with me, they use steps 1-3 then follow with this Lemon + Coconut lotion ($11).

Also, these are all used and look a little grungy….just bear with me here haha


  1. Morning and night I start with any cleanser, I have been using this cleanser + toner from Melaleuca. I also alternate with this ($12) cleanser from Mario Badescu. I just wet my face then scrub with one of these, rinse, then dry.


2. I really like this toner ($15) from Mario Badescu. I’ve gone through a few of these and my skin always feels  really refreshed afterwards. I think it really helps with my complexion as well.  I squirt a decent bit on a cotton pad, wipe my face/neck/chest and then let it air dry. It only takes a couple of seconds.



3. Next I use a facial spray. Either this rose spray($7) or this aloe vera/cucumber spray ($7). I actually prefer the second one, I like the coolness of the cucumber. I do maybe 5 spritzes then fan it dry before the next step. For the kids they move onto the lotion after this step.



4. Eye cream! I LOVE eye cream. I think it makes all the difference. I squint bad and have pretty dark circles but as soon as I use a good eye cream everything seems to even out. This is the eye cream from Kate Somerville($60) I’ve been using. I always opt for an anti aging eye cream and I love that this one is for dark circles as well. It’s expensive but 100% worth it. Also, you don’t even need a full pump, maybe a half. I put it on one ring finger then gently put it under my eye and on my smile lines.



5a. So this is for the day, I do NOT DO THIS STEP AT NIGHT. I have been using this Goat Milk Moisturizer ($65) by Kate Somerville. I really like how light it is but it doesn’t feel watery. It was a pump on top so it only disperses a little at a time which I really like. I just rub this in all over.



6. I do this step morning and night. This is maracuja oil ($48) by Tarte. I use it all over and I do rub it in pretty well afterwards. I don’t mind a dewy look so it’s fine for me, but I also have used it then put makeup over the top and I couldn’t tell it was there. It didn’t look oily at all. I also will do a drop on my hands morning and night.



5a. These next two steps I ONLY DO AT NIGHT. So I replace the moisturizer with these then follow up with the oil. This is my all time favorite night cream($22) by Mario Badescu. I go through these so quickly and am completely obsessed. It is very thick but so moisturizing and I feel like it really penetrates deep into my skin.



5b. I use this Rose Face Mask ($62) by Fresh right before the oil at night. I do not peel it off, but it doesn’t peel like a normal peel off face mask…but that may be because of all of the stuff I put on top of it first. My sister is the one who told me to not peel it off and so far no complaints! I haven’t tried it without the other steps so I don’t have a review on it by itself.



That’s it! It may seem like a lot but in reality it takes me 10-15 minutes morning and night, which isn’t too bad for nice looking skin! I also just recently ordered a silk pillowcase and can’t wait to see how that changes my skin but also my hair!

Feel free to leave any questions or advice below! What’s worked for you?

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