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January 8, 2018

Family Pictures 2017

Oh my goodness. Have I been absent for awhile.

Life gets busy!

As I am sure ALL of you know. I have had so many ideas for blog posts and things I wanted to remember about our family but times just slips away and now months and months later, I am just getting back into it.

Let’s see, what have I missed…..

Lo is 8! She is in hip hop, gymnastics and aerial yoga. She is doing great at her new school and is loving life as a second grader.

Foster is 4 and just finished his first season of soccer. He is absolutely wild still and just as sweet. He is finishing up his last semester of preschool and will be heading into kindergarten next year!

River is two and will be starting pre k in the upcoming! What are we going to do with so much time while the kids are at school?! (the answer is always laundry) He is starting to wean off baba and he’s like a dog that has to go to the vet….he knows it’s coming and is more attached than ever.

Bryson is still at the fire department. He’s going on five years there now! He has also recently started tattooing as a hobby for now.

I have had a crazy busy year of change. I joined together with another aerial yoga studio owner and we now have three (going on four) studios in New Mexico and Colorado. I will also be going to India for over a month next month to complete another 300 hours of yoga teacher training.

We are both still doing photography (and have recently added my sister to the business as a second shooter) and have loads of weddings and expos coming up and are ready for a love filled year!

I have missed so much and am excited to get back into blogging….(surely there is a way to do this from a phone?) and keeping track of our lives. As much as I wish I could get into scrapbooking I have yet to jump on that train!

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