July 29, 2016


For your convenience, our most common  questions are answered right here.

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Q: How do you live sustainably and ethically when it comes to food?

A: We really focus on ethically sourced foods and organic foods. We try to be conscious about what is going in our children’s bodies as well as our own. We’re not perfect, but we do the best we can. We also try to only buy what’s in season as as much local produce as we can.


Q: Why live minimally? What’s the point?

A: Minimalism focuses on intentionally living. Because we have less, we spend less time cleaning, we spend less money, so we have to work less. On the flip side, we have more time and more freedom to be with our family. When you have more it’s easy to become dissatisfied. Especially when it comes to clothes and “fast fashion”. When you have few things, but those things are well made (meaning they last), are timeless and make you happy, you are less likely to “need” more.