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September 8, 2016

Foster’s 1st Day of Pre-k

Foster’s started pre-k Monday!

Is a three year old class actually pre-k? Or is that only when they turn 4?


He started pre-k and is sooooo excited! He already made friends (and unlike his sister, actually remembered their names and told us haha) He loves Mrs Pam and Mrs Jessica already and was not the least bit nervous. Lo has been hyping him up for Mrs Pam’s Preschool for months. They’ve been practicing school and when we pulled up he threw on his backpack, grabbed Mrs. Pam’s present and said, “Bye mom!” and walked right up to the door.

The best part was is he took a two hour nap afterwards. 

I kid.

Well, not about the nap, he really did that.

As I’ve always said, I’m never sad watching my kids hit milestones. I’m always so proud of them and love seeing how proud they are of themselves for what they can accomplish. I also think that makes it easier on them if I’m not a blubbery mess because then they’re like, “yeah, this is awesome. I can do this. Peace out mom”

Not to say I don’t get why people have a hard time with big milestones, I totally get it. Especially with the last baby.  I could totally be eating my words when River starts school. But I just think big kids are awesome! I love the baby snuggles but I also adore their stories and their spin on things. Going on dates with them and having big kid conversations and hearing all about the drama in class. I just love it!

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After dropping Lo off we have an hour gap before Foster’s school starts, so we stopped by the firestation to see dad. I know Bryson was bummed he wasn’t there for his first day but liked being able to see him still.

And Foster always loves stopping by to see dad and the fire trucks.

His class is only two days a week, three hours each class which I think is the perfect intro for him because, while he likes going with friends and learning new things, he still likes to be home and help me with things, play with his dinosaurs or play in the backyard.

Riv also has been enjoying the couple hours alone where he gets all of the attention. I thought he would have a hard time with it but he gets all the snuggles and all of mine and Bryson’s attention and he totally digs that. I did think I would actually be able to get more things done when he’s in school because I would have only one kids home; but because River is so used to playing all the time with his big siblings he now wants all of my attention. It is nice that Foster’s school falls right on his first nap time so I get about an hour to pick up and blog without a little helper.
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This has been a big week for Foster. Not only did he start school but he started a gymnastics class called Little Ninja Warriors and when I say this class was designed for him I mean I couldn’t have made a more perfect class for him. It’s 30 minutes of running around in a little ninja costume and pretty much just going crazy.

Lo has an hour long class and his 30 minute class starts 30 minutes into hers so he stood by the door and waited the. whole. time.

Overall I am loving this chapter of our lives right now. I love running the kids here and there and seeing all of the cool things that they are starting.

Have your  kids hit or started any milestones lately? How are you coping?

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  • Bev Downey

    Well it makes this great grandma kinda sad-they all seem in such a hurry to grow up!! I agree though, they make life exciting as you get to absorb a whole new take on life through their eyes!

    September 8, 2016 at 9:59 pm Reply
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