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December 28, 2016


Halloween 2016! We were walking by the costumes and Riv had to have this ice-cream cone costume, I thought it was the cutest thing EVER so I set about trying to convince Foster to be pizza and Lo to be a donut. I had Lo convinced but Foster was dead set on being a spider this year. I couldn’t find many online that he liked so we started looking on pinterest to find some inspiration pics and he loved the orange boa spider. So that’s what I made for him!

Lo was at her dads so she ended up being  an autumn fairy and looked super cute. The boys, Bryson and I went trick or treating for one block then came home to hang out together and watched some shows. This year has been awesome in regards to holidays, we have really taken a step back and been focusing more on time together during holidays instead of going all out for everything.


What did you all do for halloween?


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