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September 1, 2016

Introducing: Kensington

If you’ve been on instagram¬†then you’ve definitely seen the newest member of our family, Kensi. I have shared more pics of her in the last week than I have of my kids.

Bryson has been wanting a french bulldog since we met and when we finally saw some in town I decided to get her for his birthday and our anniversary, both which are this month. So it worked our perfectly.

But instead of being Bryson’s pupper, her and Foster have been inseparable. They sleep together (literally intertwined or spooning), they play together, they eat together, they watch movies together…….literally everything. He gets so mad when we have to leave the house and we don’t bring her.

There are a couple members of the family who aren’t too fond of the newest addition…..that would be our other three girls, Lunchbox, Kali and Emily. They avoid her, hide in a corner from her and, if you’re Lunchbox, then she is also ignoring everyone else in the house.

In all fairness, Kensi has taken over Lunchbox’s spot on the couch, chases her around the house and bullies her by cornering her and barking at her. Since Lunchers doesn’t have a couch spot anymore she has claimed Foster’s bed as her own.

Potty training is actually going really well…..when she doesn’t get distracted chasing the other dogs outside and focuses on the task at hand.

All in all she’s been a really sweet addition to the family, even though she threw up on Foster and then in Foster’s room yesterday (we think she ate some of the other dogs food and it upset her tummy, she’s totally fine now).

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