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May 28, 2018

James’ 2nd Birthday

This weekend the boys and I made a solo trip to Albuquerque for their cousins 2nd birthday party. It was a spur of the moment trip and I am SO glad we went.

I didn’t get too many pictures of all of the cousins together as they were on go the whole weekend.

We had so much fun at the birthday party, the kids stayed up late playing and woke up early ready to go to the zoo.

At the zoo they fed the giraffe rolled down grass hills and had ice-cream. And got SUPER excited over seeing the animals. Foster was 100% all about it. We saw baby elephants, giraffes and monkeys (so cute). Foster loved seeing the big cats and the snakes. River on the other hand was NOT about the snakes. I showed him one up close and he screamed and from then on I would ask him if he wanted to see the animals closer and he would say, “No, thank you”. 

The full weekend made for some exhausted boys, they slept the entire 3 hour drive home and I fell asleep on the couch a few hours after that. I’m so thankful for my big family and that the kids will have cousins to grow up with. Even though Lo and Foster are the oldest they have so much fun with the littler kids.

We wish dad and Lo could’ve came but sometimes it’s nice to just have mommy and son time.


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