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August 14, 2018

Kid’s First Day of School

All three kids started school this year! Lo 3rd, Foster Kinder and River start Pre-k a week after them! It’s weird not having any kids in the house a few times a week! This year and next year River is going to school twice a week for a half day.

It took River about a month to not cry when we dropped him off but then he had a week off and was wondering when we he would get to go back to school and no more tears after that!

I was nervous about Foster starting Kinder because he wasn’t a huge fan of preschool but dude loves it! He made good friends and is excited more days than not to go! He also joined the running club and is really doing amazing with his reading.

Lo had a rocky start with friends in the class but really bonded with her teacher and now, a few months in, she has made friends and is back to loving school. 

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