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August 18, 2016

Lo Started 1st Grade!

Lo is a first grader! According to her she is no longer with the “babies” and is now basically a middle schooler. She was nervous to get a new teacher and see new friends but we got there early enough to bring up supplies and for me to hang around as long as she needed. She adored her teacher last year (so did I) and was nervous for the new teachers. She knew one and loved her already and we couldn’t ask for better teachers so I knew all would be well. She had asked me not to leave, even once she was settled in with friends, so I hung around and talked to other moms while they did their morning routine/announcements and afterwards I went to tell her I was going to head out and she said, “What are you still doing here?”.

Well there you go.

If I would’ve known I didn’t have to listen to announcements I would’ve bounced out early and got a coffee before heading home to the zoo I call home. ūüėČ

Every year once the school year has begun and she’s had a couple of days to settle in we sit down and go over a few questions and I love seeing her answers change. This year her answers were much more grown up and she thought threw them. I swear she is going to be a politician one day because of the way she answers her questions. A little vague, very including and well thought out to not hurt anyones feelings.

Who I Love: Mama and daddy and my brothers and my teachers and my friends.

What I like to do: Play with my friends and play board games

What I do when I am home: Play with my family

What I like to eat: Dragon fruit and Mangos

My best friend is:¬†My best friend moved away (Brylie), so now I just have lots of friends like Faith, Marley, Berlyn, and Tay Tay. That’s Taylor.

What I want to be when I grow up: I want to train dolphins to hum songs.

My pets: We have three dogs; Kali, Emily and little Lunchbox.

How tall are you:¬†*whispers* I don’t know this, can we skip it?

What I like to collect: TSUM-TSUMS!

My favorite movie: Zootopia

My favorite TV show: Masha and Bear

What my mommy does:¬†She’s a photographer and does yoga

What my mom says a lot: I love you

What I love about my mom: That she’s kind, sweet and cares about me a lot.

What my daddy does: My daddy is a firefighter

What my dad says a lot: He says I love you, too

What I love my dad: That he loves me

What my brothers do: They play and cry and eat, but mostly play

What my brothers say a lot:¬†He (River) says, “Bu-Ba” for Lunchbox and Foster says, “Puppies”

What I love about my brothers: That they love on me and play with me.

My favorite part about school:¬†I love playing with my friends at recess and I like the food. “Lo, I’ve been packing your lunch.” I know, and I like it.

Anything else about you that I should know: Nope. Well actually yes.

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See her kindergarten interview HERE 


PRE-K is down below

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