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September 22, 2018

Lo’s 9th Birthday

Well, Lo is 9!

and this year she wanted to go big.

We are about half way through renovations and were able to get her the big birthday party she’s always wanted….and never wants to do again. *insert laughing and crying emoji here*

She had so many friends come and we are so thankful for all the sweet girls in Lo’s life but the fun ended and tears started around 11pm when 9 girls were supposed to be sleeping. Anyone who has ever gone to a birthday party with a lot of girls who don’t all know each other know the story.

The next day Lo told us she had fun but she never wants a huge sleep over again. Even though the party was bigger and we did more decorations we still kept it easy with cupcakes/cakes, pizza and ice-cream and nail painting/face-masks afterwards.

I say this all the time but I’m so proud of Lo and the girl she has become. She’s so kind and sweet and always stands up for others.


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