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July 29, 2016

New Beginnings

Do you ever feel caught in a slump? Like you know what you want but it just seems out of reach? That’s how I felt with my old blog. I LOVE my old blog. I love the old memories if carries, I love looking back on it and seeing us grow from a family of three to now five. I love the way I can see the way I’ve grown as a mom/individual. It’s filled to the brim of everything I considered to be important in the past four years….

But it was not a reflection of who I am anymore. Who we are as a family. 

I was finding it hard to even begin to post because I felt that everything from the design to some of the older posts, whether it regarded my views/opinions/diet/health/you name it, it just wasn’t me anymore. No matter how I tried to change it, I just couldn’t get back into it. I needed a fresh start. So a fresh start it is!

Literally EVERYTHING is new. A new name, a new destination, new design…. this is my new baby. Getting this blog put together took so much longer and so much more time because I wanted a true representation of us. Which may seem silly to some. “A new blog design? How does that represent you?” Just let me have this. I needed this. I am now excited to get back into full time blogging and now with the addition of vlogging as well! I now have the drive to keep up with this. The old blog is still there, and will always be there. It is still our past and still holds beautiful memories I wouldn’t change for anything. I look at this as blog 2.0.

So! I hope you all follow along

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