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April 13, 2017

Painting Easter Eggs

We got messy and had fun! River ate the water dye, Foster painted his arms and Claira and Lo had fun decorating their eggs the right way haha

This year we bought 100% recyclable plastic eggs (they felt like cardboard) from Walmart. I couldn’t find the link but they were under $2/ dozen. They didn’t do well in the cups because they floated, however the dye it came with worked really well and dried quickly.

We loved having cousin Claira over to decorate eggs and then hang out with us!

We love all these cousin memories <3

Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the video

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March 5, 2017

What I Ate

Just some snapshots of some of my favorite things I’ve eaten lately! If you’d like any recipes feel free to let me know in the comments below. Some recipes are linked already, just click the title above the picture.

If you’d like to see more details like what my vegan baby eats in a day, what my three vegan kids eat in a day and, coming tomorrow, what my vegan husband eats in a day feel free to head over to my youtube channel! I post videos pretty regularly and will be sharing more and more!

Of course, all recipes are veganRead more

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February 7, 2017

Chocolate Rawnola

Rawnola! I have heard people rave about it but it just never sounded great to me. I don’t know about you but I like my granola sweet.

Like, really sweet.

I know that not all granola is good for you and the “healthy” granola at the store is normally cooked, full of preservatives and still has more sugar than I would put in if I was making it myself.

I know people make normal, aka not chocolate, rawnola and there are loads of recipes for it, but I decided to through in some cacao (not cocoa, cocoa is processed cacao is the purest form of chocolate and raw. It’s also a superfood!)

Like chocolate powders, not all oatmeal is created equal. Your best bet would be steel cut oats but if that’s not your cup of tea rolled oats will be fine. Avoid instant oats.

All oatmeal starts off as oat groats (which you wouldn’t use for this) and then are processed. Steel cut is right after oat groats, then rolled and all the way at the bottom and most processed is instant oats.

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February 6, 2017

Mango + Avocado Sushi

Sushi! One of my very favorites. Super easy to make, but like the spring rolls, it’s a bit time consuming.

Only a few ingredients and you’ll have a yummy, vegan meal.

These are hand rolls, to show you what they will look like if you don’t roll with with a bamboo mat. You don’t need any new equipment to make these, you can even make them with the rice on the outside. I think these are just as tight as with the bamboo, but are a little harder to get super tight on the edges. If you want to give these a try before buying a mat it’s a great idea! Read more

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February 6, 2017

A Walk with Foster

Before I even start this post I am going to say there is going to be wayyyy too many pictures.

We just had so much fun walking and exploring.

We climbed up a fallen tree and Foster only fell off once. I consider that a win for this adventurous dude.

He’s so full of exploration and life right now that I wanted to take a second to focus just on the middle child.

Right now he’s stripped down to his underwear jumping on the bed. He has so much energy, is so loving and has that hint of naughtiness that just makes him, him!

Any time he gets into trouble he gives you a cute, dimpled smile that can get him out of just about anything!  Read more

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February 5, 2017

Spring Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Spring rolls!

One of my most favorite meals to make. They are so easy and healthy and the kids love them as much as I do. Which is rare and a huge plus.

I like to roast the red pepper, just because I love that smoky flavor, but if you’re wanting a raw roll then just cut it up along with the other veggies.

Sometimes I like to add some romaine lettuce to the outside but I didn’t have any and it’s not a necessity. If you do want to use it then just lay it on top of the rice paper before you add the veggies.

I love a spicy, garlic, peanut sauce but if you don’t want the spice then just skip the sriracha.

These are vegan, gluten-free and easily made raw.

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February 1, 2017

Denver Children’s Museum

When we visit Denver we ALWAYS stop by the children’s museum! It’s an awesome facility with fun for all of our kids. Which is now getting to be a little more difficult since their ages differences and they all have opinions now.

If you have kids this is a must and worth the money.

We were going up to Estes Park to shoot a wedding and went up a day early just to bring the kids to the children’s museum and the aquarium, but they were so exhausted after the museum they fell asleep in the car and we just drove to Estes Park instead.  Read more

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January 24, 2017

Snow Day


I LOVE snow days! Foster and I both had one (poor Lo still had to go to school much to her dismay) so when dad went to the gym the boys and I bundled up and went outside!

Riv was a little apprehensive so he kept licking it and Foster LOVED it. He kept throwing himself down and rolling all over. Read more

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January 1, 2017


Christmas time is always so magical at the Ballard house.

The older the kids get the more and more fun it gets.

Lo was a flurry of passing out gifts and this is the first year Riv was interested in presents, he didn’t actually open any, but he loved when the other kids did and the big kids helped him. Read more