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August 28, 2016

San Juan Brewfest 2016!

Bring on the pretzel necklaces it is brewfestin’ time of year! I feel like this is obvious thing that I don’t even need to say, but Bryson and I are obsessed with live music and beer. Honestly, put the two together and we. are. there. So there was no doubt in our mind that we were making our annual trip to Durango’s 18th Annual San Juan Brewfest. There were 54 craft brewers and 3 live bands and loads of great company. My very favorites were the blueberry wheat from Durango Brewing Co. and this uber delicious blueberry vodka lemonade from Durango Craft Spirits….I obviously like the fruitier drinks, no IPA’s here! The boys had those under control. And I love that both my favorites were right there in Durango! 

It was the perfect quick, overnight trip to be in good company and the kids got a lot of great grandparent time which they ALWAYS love.

Sweetwater String Band (the band pics below) absolute KILLED it and set just the right vibe. It was awesome getting a chance to sit in the grass and listen to them. Highly recommend.

It was monsoon season and the threat of torrential downpour was definitely there with dark clouds. Which made for the perfect, cool day. Luckily there were only a few quick drops….until after when we were hanging out at a rooftop bar, again, listening to live music (does that even need to be said anymore?) when the clouds opened up and just let it go.

Thanks so much Jamie and Steve for letting us crash at your house! We had such a great time and can’t wait for next year (already!)

Bryson put together an awesome VIDEO at the bottom of this post featuring Sweetwater String Band, have a watch and see if you can spot yourself! We’d love to hear what your favorite brew of the day was!

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