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January 24, 2017

Snow Day


I LOVE snow days! Foster and I both had one (poor Lo still had to go to school much to her dismay) so when dad went to the gym the boys and I bundled up and went outside!

Riv was a little apprehensive so he kept licking it and Foster LOVED it. He kept throwing himself down and rolling all over.

It was a too light to build a snow man so Foster settled with trying to attack me with snowballs. Poor thing, every time he threw them most of it would go right back in his own face.

Foster was all about making snow angels and River kept trying to copy him but he would lay on his stomach, it was the sweetest thing.

We had a lot of fun, though it only lasted until River was chasing me and he fell face first in the snow and then he was DONE! We came inside and warmed up with coffee and vanilla steamers and now the boys are playing in their tent in their room.

It’s been a perfect, little morning.


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