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October 6, 2018

The Balloon Fiesta…I Mean Meow Wolf

You may be a little confused by the title.

Let me explain.

For years, as long as I can remember, I have wanted to go to the balloon fiesta. We only live three hours away and I have NEVER gone.

This year Bryson and I decided no matter what it was happening….but my patience was tested instead.

We bought park and ride tickets to avoid traffic, we arrived before the sun came up for said ride….. and this was the FIRST year they oversold tickets by THOUSANDS and we were one bus ride away from getting to the balloon fiesta. While we were all pretty bummed and tired from getting up so early, instead of letting it ruin time with cousins we went to Santa Fe to Meow Wolf with the kids for the first time. Bryson and I had been before to see a concert in MW but because of the concert half of it was closed so we got to explore parts we hadn’t seen too! Like I said, because we got up so early to go to the balloon fiesta and had to drive the 3 hours home we were all exhausted.

After emailing and calling about 6? weeks later they finally reached out to give us comped tickets for next year. So I guess we’ll try again next year! 


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