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August 29, 2016

The Skinny: Heath Adam Cates

Hey pretty people! I’d like to introduce a new series to you called The Skinny. 

Every Monday I am going to share with you my favorite health and wellness products, tips and tricks.

I have loads of awesome things I use every day planned but I wanted to start off this series with a bang.

If you’re from the Four Corners area, odds are, you know who this guy is or you’ve seen him at the gym morning and night, either for himself or with his countless clients. When he’s not with his clients he’s sharing motivational posts on his instagram or bringing home international titles. So, I’d like to introduce to you Heath Adam Cates with DOWN Fitness




| Introduce yourself |:

My name is Heath Adam Cates, My primary reason for life on this earth is to instill good morals to my daughter and to become a self respectable woman in this days society. At age 5 my daughter has my whole heart and is my sole motivation for success. For a living I have been a full time personal trainer for the past 3 years with over 150 clients. Who all have great success in their own fitness journeys. Along with training, I am a fitness competitor with 2 international titles. 2014 Fitness America Sports Model Champion and 2015 Fitness Universe Sports Model Champion. I love to inspire and motivate lives through fitness.

| How did you get into fitness and training? |:

Three years ago I went through a very difficult time. Closing businesses, getting divorced and just trying to survive led me down a road of depression. I was enlightened by my daughter one day when her 2 year old eyes asked me why I was sad. That moment changed me forever. I realized I had to be strong. Strong for my little girl. I knew the gym was always a place for me. It always helped me relieve stress and just get myself motivated. So I started back to the gym. After a couple months I started feeling like myself again. Others noticed as well and convinced me to try out a fitness competition. I wanted to challenge myself so I took on the task. Which led to my first title in 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada. My path became clear from there.

| When if comes to health, which is more important: Mental, Workouts or Food? |:

The most important thing is by far the mental aspect to succeed in your own fitness journey. You have to prepare your mind before you can prepare your body. Secondly would be committing to a great nutrition plan so you can benefit from your workouts.


| We all want to lose fat and lean up, what are your best tips? |:

The best tip would to become a clean eater. Proper nutrition and its timing comes into play more then the workout. You must set up a proper nutrition plan to work with your workout plan. By eating right and working hard the fat will come off.

| Best snack? |:

My favorite snack is the Qwest protein pancakes. They are easy to make. Perfect for calorie intake and delicious. They are easy to take for on the go snacks.

| What about for my vegan/vegetarian friends? |

Sugar snap peas are my favorite

| We are all busy people, how can we optimize our health in every day life? |:

We are all busy people. But that’s no excuse to keep you from your fitness goals. There is plenty of time in a 24 hour day to make it happen. We just need to find that motivation. We all get inspiration from someone or something. Find it and use it to start motivating your life. If its hard then find someone you can get started with. Finding a fitness partner can help you results and accountability. An can be fun at the same time.

| I’m sure you get this a lot….but cocktails. Any tips or tricks? |:

Ok lets be real. We all like to have a relaxing drink now and then. My tip for this is to not limit yourself from your guilty pleasure but just incorporate it in your nutrition plan. That doesn’t mean a free for all but in moderation. A glass of red wine a couple times a week is perfectly fine. Just stay away from heavy drinks like beer or dark liquors. My favorite is a vodka soda with lime. Under 100 calories.

| Any other tips/tricks? |:

First of all remember that there are no quick fixes. The quick fix only send you into an emotional yo-yoing of diets and weight losses and gains. Think of your next step into the gym as one of the many steps for the rest of your life. It has to become a part of your life for it to be a success. Surround yourself with like minds and rid yourself of the temptations you fail to conquer everyday. If the cookie isn’t there, then you wont eat it. Find your motivation and use fitness to get you going. You’ll become a better you and remember we are all in this together.




Thanks so much again, Heath, for putting in the time to answer some questions and to help motivate all of us a little more. Definitely go check out his Facebook and Instagram for workouts and motivation.

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  • liz tafoya

    HEATH, YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US. yOUR BODY TRANSFORMATION IS AMAZING. YOUR ATTITUDE IS ALWAYS POSITIVE AND VERY MOTIVATING. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER AND YES, THAT ALONE IS MOTIVATION.. YOUR FAMILY IS SUCH A great positive influence and back you up 150% and I believe you will go so far in life. thank you for sharing your beautiful story with all of us. keep up the great work, it has definitely paid off, you look great….

    August 29, 2016 at 2:17 pm Reply
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    August 31, 2016 at 5:06 pm Reply
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