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January 9, 2018

What I Ate

If you’ve followed along or known me for quite awhile you most likely noticed a drastic change in my diet  I have recently switched from following a vegan diet to just trying to live a balanced life.

Now I know this isn’t for everyone, and I’m sure I’ll receive messages telling me what I should try or should have done differently….but I’m comfortable in my change and know it’s what I need to try

Over the course of a year I’ve gained 30 lbs, officially being the heaviest I have ever been  50+ pounds over where I like to be. I  Felt like I needed to stop what I was doing and make a major change back to what I know worked for my body.


So that’s what I did.


We don’t have in and out where I live, however whenever we visit somewhere that does I am sure to always get some! I don’t really care for the fun so I always go with a lettuce wrap.  I also always ask for animal style so the onions are caramelized.   They have quite a few vegetarian options as well, you can get the burger without the meet, or you can get a grilled cheese.


I brew kombucha by the gallon at the house. I make 2 gallons at a time.  The kids and I all love it, however Bryson is not a fan.


I’ve been making a keto latte, it’s low in fat as well but if you add coconut or MCT oil it will easily bump that up  it tastes like a mocha 😍 just blend all together


One of the hardest things for me to “give up” is wine! I love me some wine. But I also think is good for me to cut back on it and only have it for special occasions.


I have to say, my salad game has been 👌🏽 lately. I used to eat a salad every day for years but once i got off of doing that it was one of the hardest habits to get back. Slowly but surely I’ve been incorporating 1-2 salads a day.


I’ve recentky ditched the creamer in coffee. Eh, not a huge fan. But it’s still a nice way to start off the morning.


The kombucha on the right, eventually looks like it does on the left. I’ve been thinking about doing a kombucha workshop when i get back from India. I have so much SCOBY!


Yep. Definitely love me some wine.


Bryson made this amazing ramen the other day! Ever since I’ve been making the base and, instead of noodles, I’ve been adding things like cabbage and bell pepper.


My mom got me these gorgeous wine glasses for Christmas this year! She found the exact ones from Scandal and now it’s extra hard not to drink wine because I just want to use them!


I’ve been doing egg and spinach scrambles with feta and avocado quite a bit lately. I love a good breakfast and this topped with hollandaise is 🙌🏽


This is the ramen based soup I’ve been making in bulk. It came in handy when all the kids were sick!


Ive been trying to make more fish (honestly, just kill me) but I haven’t quite mastered it yet I’ve made two ok recipes but the kids still thought they were super gross. Any good fish recipes (tilapia or halibut) would be greatly appreciated.


Loads of kombucha always. Blueberry ginger is my favorite so far!


This broccoli frittata was quick and super easy to throw together! Filled with broccoli and caramalized onions, half was chedder for the kids and half was feta for Bryson and I.


I randomly will get and iced coffee and oatmeal from Starbucks to #treatyoself I never use all of the toppings, I love that they package them separately. Also, why does their oatmeal taste so much better than what I make?


There is always room for pho, sushi and spring rolls with my favorite humans. We HAVE to get ice cream after our dates!


More egg breakfasts. I like to mix zucchini and onion then put the eggs,feta and splash of water (cover the pan) and let the eggs cook  they come out delicious ever time!


Another breakfast! Breakfast is by far my favorite meal (well, technically a good brunch with cheese plates and mimosas….but I do what I can at home) Once you have got this recipe down the possibilities are endless!


And of course the fam will occasionally do pancakes and Bryson and I do Kodiak cakes


Ok, this looks really gross  but I have been making scrambled eggs a ton. Instead of the traditional deviled eggs I use a ton of dill pickles and cut them up really chunky. No mayo, just mustard and a splash of pickle juice, salt and pepper.


I’m obsessed with Thai little coffee shop in Cortez. They do pesto and goat cheese bagels and lavender creams sodas and I’m pretty sure it’s what heaven tastes like.

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