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January 10, 2018

Winter 2017

The winter that didn’t feel like winter.

Seriously, we were able to wear t-shirts on christmas and only be a little cold. We are well into January now and it rained a little bit this morning but is now a bright. warm day.

Of course it’s the first year we bought season passes to the mountain for the family…

Overall it was a good Christmas season!

We had loads of family time, ate lots of good food and the kids were SUPER into it this year! I didn’t take too many pictures on Christmas day because I wanted to be present and enjoy the family.

Here is a picture of a picture of the kids with Santa haha, I have to say, super disappointed in the mall this year. The pricing was pretty outrageous ($24 for a few small photos and it was also their smallest package and no digital picture emailed to you). I think it is something that should be accessible to all incomes and this year was the highest I had seen. Regardless, the kids were super cute and loved it. Even shy River thought it was pretty cool!


The boys were able to go iceskating twice, we went once with Lo up in Telluride, and Foster loved it! Of course, he was immediately trying to do trick, jumping and hitting his feet together. River thought it was ok, he couldn’t quite get the hang of it and was much more into the hot cocoa (that’s ok River, me too) I don’t know what happened, I had been iceskating when I was a kid and went rollerblading with Lo a couple of years ago, but I could NOT let go of the wall! Even for a second!


Christmas morning is always one of my favorite times. Bryson worked Christmas Eve again, but luckily the kids slept in until *right* before he got home. They flew out of the back room and to the living room as fast as their little legs would carry them. We had homemade cinnamon rolls my mom had made the night before and just relaxed all day while the kids played with their new toys. In the afternoon we went to my families house and hung out there with everyone.


The family and I went up to Telluride to ride the gondola, ice-skate and just hang out for the day. The kids LOVED the gondola! We brought our little pull snowboard so the kids played on that a bit. I’m sure I will have more to say when we actually get snow up here and head up to the mountains regularly. But overall we have had a great couple of months with the family.

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